What can you do to teach your child perseverance?



Problems are a fact of life but it is our attitude towards them that determine if we will fail or succeed. How can you nurture in your children the attitudes that will help them succeed in life?

One thing you can do as a family is to create a family perseverance book. Each person draws or writes down a problem they are facing. Parent can do this as well because we are always facing some sort of problem. Then everyone discusses how that person might be able to overcome those problems. If you get out the book once a week then you can write down each person’s successes, setbacks or any new problems and how to overcome them. After your child has a couple of successes their attitudes will change from I am a failure to I can overcome this. If you aren’t careful your attitudes might change as well, if it needs changing.

How can adversity be good?


Can difficult times really be for our benefit? What about the pressures of life and school? There will be different situations that will come up in your life that will add pressure(heat). Even though these situations are not comfortable while you are going through them they will help you to change into something that is good and useful if you will let them.

To show you how pop a bag of popcorn and dump it into a bowl, after you enjoy eating the popcorn with your children show them the un-popped kernels and ask the following questions:

  • What made the kernels change from a seed to popcorn?
  • Do you think the kernel liked the heat (pressure)?
  • Was the heat (pressure) necessary to make the popcorn?
  • Why didn’t these kernels pop?
  • What are the kernels good for now?

Popcorn is great to eat especially with butter on it. But trying to eat a kernel will probably break a tooth. The pressure we feel doesn’t feel good but in the long run it will make us better.

The pressure we feel doesn’t feel good but in the long run it will make us better.

Some pressure your child might be feeling; fighting with a friend, getting homework done, not being picked for a game. When your child is experiencing any of these things or something else get out a bag of popcorn and discuss it. Afterwards show them the unpopped kernels.