The Ant and the Elephant by Bill Peet

The Ant and the Elephant written by Bill Peet, is an amazing find. It was written 45 years ago but it is still very relevant to children today.

We can have different excuses for why we don’t want to do something; we want to relax, teach someone a lesson, are worried about how we will look, or what we will get in return. These are not very good reasons not to help another person/animal in need. We need to help anyone in need even if they refuse to say thank you or acknowledge you.

The thing I really liked the most about this book is no matter what your size is, you can do the impossible. The elephant was in need of help and the ant was able to help him. He didn’t do it by himself but he enlisted an army of ants to help. Together they were able to do the impossible. What can your child do with the help of others? Help them to dream impossible dreams and then help them find others that can make them come true.